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Restful Wraps blankets and lap pads are weighted blankets provide gentle pressure that hug the body, producing a calming and relaxing effect.

Therapeutic weighted blankets, wraps, and lap pads made in Minnesota benefit special needs children and adults with autism, sensory processing disorder, ADHD, restless legs, hyperactivity, migraines, and more. These products provide gentle pressure that hug the body, producing a calming and relaxing effect.


The proprioceptive input on the body gives the individual the input they crave to relieve stress, focus attention at school, and obtain the sleep they desperately need. These simple they desperately need. These sensory motor solutions make an enormous difference in their daily life.


Lap pads may be used as adaptive tools during quiet rest time at schools, homes or clinics. Ideal for children who experience difficulty during seat work, especially children with autism.

“My son with major anxiety had to get some extensive dental work done. The operating room was advised. Another doctor was willing to try nitrous in an office first. We took him yesterday with his weighted blanket, and he sat through the whole thing! I had to fight back the tears; I was so proud of him! The blanket is helping us already.”


- Beaming Mom

"The deal with Billy is that he has had high anxiety issues since he was a young child. As a result, this cancer treatment has been much more of an endeavor that it otherwise would, and it would be bad enough anyway! Even though he is now 16, he still suffers from anxiety. It took them 2 hours to get him out of the car for his first treatment. They have to take the last time slot of the night every night so that they do not delay all of the other appointments. Going directly in at the assigned time has never happened until last night. Thank you so much for making the wonderful blanket!!!"